Puppetry Master – Dr. Loy Chee Luen

In the northwest of Kuala Kubu Bharu, driving along the federal route No. 1 for about 30 minutes, you will arrive at Tanjung Malim, where Puppetku House Malaysia nests. The black exterior stands out but maintains a low key profile in the row of shophouses, home to a wide range of puppets that Dr Loy Chee Luen sourced locally and also from countries all around the world, more than 300 types, and is a puppet museum rarely seen in Malaysia.

Although the single lot double-storey Puppetku House may seem small, it gives a complete overall experience. Near the entrance is a showroom displaying Malaysians in all sorts of traditional costumes; the middle section is a resource centre housing puppets from all over the world and their related reading materials, which is also the main place of activity; at the back is a workshop and storeroom; and a mini theatre upstairs, to stage plays and convene. 

Puppetku House Malaysia is the brainchild of Dr Loy, who puts hard work and efforts in its creation. He is currently employed as a lecturer at UPSI, where he is senior lecturer of early childhood educational arts and creativity, as well as associate professor in preschool education. He has expertise in the fields of puppetry drama, theatre studies, and childhood theatre. Dr Loy is extremely enthusiastic about puppetry, he pursues his passion in puppetry after writing his masters thesis on the subject. He delves into research and practise on the educational skills and usage of puppets, for instance in class teaching, psychiatric counselling, and oral care, for both professionals and hobbyists to use in combination. 

Dr Loy established Puppetku’s Theatre Malaysia in 2003. He is actively participating in showcases and conferences both nationwide and worldwide, such as the World Puppetry Festival, Malaysia International Puppetry Festival, Rainforest World Puppet Carnival et cetera. Dr Loy is committed to the development and advocacy of puppetry, and is dedicated to related studies and shows. Besides, he founded UNIMA Malaysia and MPA – Malaysian Puppetry Association, putting in all his efforts to popularise puppetry.

The term ‘Puppetku’ is derived from the english word puppet and malay word ‘aku’, meaning my puppet. From falling in love with puppetry to engaging in the publicising of puppetry, he endures numerous hardships to achieve his hard-earned success. To date, he upholds his mission, adheres to his vision, oversees and contributes to his cause.

For tour reservations, please drop an enquiry at Puppetku House Malaysia official Facebook page:

Text: Daniel Lim & Pua Hui Wen

有你 UNI Production
Producer : Mok Yii Chek
Coordinator : Daniel Lim
Cinematographer : Amelia Lim / Evon Pang
Production Assistant : Michael Lerk
Video Editor : Michael Lerk
Music : A Day To Remember from BenSound


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