Hainanese Mutton Soup

Hainanese love to eat mutton, even more, the Hainanese like to drink herbal mutton soup for nourishment and to warm the body. This dish is a must-have during celebrations and festivals, it also symbolizes joy and happiness in Chinese New Year.

Mutton and Chinese medicinal herbs are the essence of the dish, the preparations are not to be treated lightly, with a wide range of ingredients required to make the dish. Special attention is given to the medicinal herbs used in this dish, so that the aroma of both the mutton and the herbs would achieve a perfect balance. The preparation process of this dish is time-consuming. First of all, trim off the fats and clean the mutton, then insert into boiling water to remove inorganic substances and blood. Once the mutton is drained, add in fermented soy bean curd and a pinch of seasoning ingredients, then mix evenly. After that, stir fry the mutton together with fragrant fried ginger slices and garlic. Subsequently, add in medicinal herbs, the soup from cooking the mutton bones, and the stir-fried mutton into the braising pot and continue to simmer. Finally, ingredients such as dried black fungus, dried bean curd strips, rice wine may be added according to personal preference, presenting variations in taste.

A pot of steaming hot mutton soup warms not only the body but also the heart. The unique taste beloved by Hainanese is to pair the soup with a homemade chilli dipping sauce.

Text: Daniel Lim & Pua Hui Wen

有你 UNI Production
Producer : Mok Yii Chek
Cinematographer : Amelia Lim / Evon Pang
Video Editor : Amelia Lim
Music : Acoustic Breeze from Bensound.com


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