While on-camera and their optimism

“Uncle, aunty, please do a brief introduction.” The usual warm-up question starts the conversation, bringing us closer, ready for a narrative. There are also a series of impromptu incidents which caught us off-guard.

The personae worked hard for the better part of their lives, adept in their daily job routines. They hardly appear on camera, therefore inevitably become anxious or shy. Some of them may usually be talkative but suddenly tongue-tied, some of them may be inarticulate but dauntless, some of them are eloquent whether on or off camera, some of them are impatient and always hasten, some of them simply take it easy and nonchalant. 

In the process of filming, unexpected interventions often occur, however these are the most genuine aspects in life. Some blunders may be hilarious, some interruptions may be humorous. The way of life itself is most probably the only script. They are amiable and welcome us with smiles. Seeing a group of youths busying themselves with all sorts of equipment, they even became curious. These fresh encounters may be new for them, nevertheless their valuable life experiences are worth learning from.

With consent, they gladly share their stories while we listen attentively. Take a walk in their shoes, documenting events and things around them. Conversing with the personae in narrow shoplots, squatting along streetside business to carry out interviews, persisting to film despite heavy smoke which brought tears to the eyes, following them into forests or sailing out to sea, entering a community to build friendships.

A short self introduction accommodates different local customs. The personae acquire skills throughout their journey in life, leading a stable and modest lifestyle, facing challenges with optimism, generously sharing their stories with us.

Text: Daniel Lim & Pua Hui Wen

有你 UNI Production
Producer : Mok Yii Chek
Coordinator : Daniel Lim
Cinematographer : Amelia Lim / Evon Pang
Drone : Daniel Lim
Video Editor : Michael Lerk
Production Assistant : Michael Lerk
Music : Whistle & Clap from YouTube


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